Nordic Jazz Comets

Nordic Jazz Comets is a showcase for young, emerging jazz bands in the Nordic countries.

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Baldvin Snær Hlynsson - p, Bjarni Már Ingólfsson - el. gtr, Björgvin Ragnar Hjálmarsson - ten. sax, Sigmar Þór Matthíasson - db, Skúli Gíslason - dr, perc

The 20-year-old pianist Baldvin Snær received the Newcomer Of The Year award at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2018. His quintet plays music from his 2017 debut album, the folk-influenced Renewal. His lyrical and cinematic compositions touch something deep and profound, and they come alive with this five-piece live line-up.

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Riikka Keränen – voc, Kaisa Mäensivu – voc, db, Selma Savolainen – voc, comp, Josefiina Vannesluoma – voc, comp, leader

Signe is an old Scandinavian word meaning a female triumphant. The same or similar words in other languages mean ‘sign’ - a reference to the improvisation incorporated in the band’s music, taking traditional jazz expression into new directions through an unusual lineup of four female vocalists and double bass. To its members, Signe means personal empowerment through sisterhood, experiential research of their heritage and digestion and ownership of multicultural musical nutrition.

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Jonas Scheffler – trp, Nis Hellerøe Myrtue – sax, Nikolaj Bugge – gtr, Tobias Andreassen – dr, Frederik Hagner – b, comp

”The winning orchestra has a homogeneous and strong personal expression, where the unpredictable is possible, and where communication is paramount. The music spans from fragile sincerity, to the embracing and challenging, where strong solistic performances and great compositions invites the listener into a organic and lyrical universe”. These were the words of a jury, announcing I Just Came From The Moon as the winners of the Danish Young Jazz competition in 2016. A year later the band released its debut album, Hoax. The music on the album emerges from curious and open compositional ideals, spanning everything from dusty country-ballads to free and ostinato-based improvisations.



Elisabeth Lid Trøen - ten. sax, Christian Cuadra – alto sax, Sturla Hauge Nilsen – trp, Ingrid Øygard Steinkopf - p, fl, Morten Berger Stai - db, Rino Sivathas - dr

The core of BounceAlarm!, Elisabeth Lid Trøen and Ingrid Øygard Steinkopf, grew up together by the Norwegian fjords of Voss. They shared an interest for jazz, and both ended up studying at the acknowledged jazz program in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) upnorth in Trondheim. Naturally, like-minded fellow musicians came soon along to start the story of BounceAlarm!. The music is composed by Steinkopf and Trøen, and pays tribute both to a unique Scandinavian soundscape, as well as to the American jazz tradition. The result is a playful mix of energetic grooves and lyrical melodies, played by a three-piece horn section and a steady piano trio.



Adrian Åsling Sellius - alto sax, Lea-Marie Sittler – ten. sax, Henrik Büller – bar. sax, Jonas Nilsson - db, comp, Axel Larsson - drums

The Gothenburg-based Don-Qui Five stretches the limits of improvisational music into new territories. The music has its roots in jazz and progressive rock but is at the same time closely connected to free improvisation and world music. With the deep seriousness and the hyperactive playfulness of a child, the energetic quintet breaks into the modern jazz scene. Don-Qui Five is the band that grabs a hold of you and that doesn't let go!